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Programs: Family Child Care Homes

PCHP QuoteMRK provides services through a group model to child care provider sites in Georgetown County. Many parents in Georgetown County work in the area’s service industry, leaving their children in family child care homes for most of the day. Because these parents often work long hours, regular twice a week home visits are not an option. Our assessment of the community need revealed that at least 300 children are born in Georgetown County each year who would benefit from our services. Because of the great need, MRK sought alternative methods of delivery to children in group settings to increase program impact while maximizing resources. Training the providers in Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) group delivery methods makes the program available to a broader range of ages and a more diverse population while it increases program availability to families whose children cannot participate in home visitations for scheduling or other reasons.

The Home Visitor goes to each group home twice a week, as in the traditional model. The visits are longer because of the group environment. Books or toys are provided each week, one each for the provider and the Home Visitor to use in the sessions. The sessions include an activity that reinforces vocabulary or a key concept. The Home Visitor helps the provider understand how to use the books and toys to build language, literacy and school readiness skills with the children in their care. This model provides 23 weeks of visits like the traditional model. Because this model lasts only one year and because there is a range of ages, a mix of first year and second year books and toys from the traditional program are used.


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