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PCHP QuoteIn January 2009, Miss Ruby’s Kids began a pilot mentoring program at Waccamaw Elementary School in Pawleys Island, SC, for 13 of our graduates and 11 new volunteer mentors. Since then, this initiative has expanded to include over 70 of our graduates at 11 schools.

The remarkable point about this growth is that we have been able to find so many volunteers to mentor these children. The word has spread throughout book clubs, church groups, neighborhoods, and other organizations that being a mentor is a very rewarding way to be involved and to make a difference in the life of a child.

The Education Mentor Program (EMP) is school based. Mentors visit the school once a week, staying 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the activity. A mentor’s interaction with the child is completely individualized. Some examples of a mentor’s involvement include taking the child to the school library, having the child write or draw pictures in a journal, walking around the school and talking with the child, reading to the child or to a group of children in the classroom. Mentors have accompanied their children on field trips, attended special events for parents or grandparents, and celebrated special occasions with the children. There are too many variations to list, but the mentor meets the needs of the child and communicates regularly with the child’s teacher in terms of those needs.

There is one common thread among all the relationships between the mentors and their children:  the mentors have fallen in love with these children. After only a few meetings with her child, one mentor remarked, “My child has already changed my life.” Another mentor observed, “I now have a new grandchild!”  In yearly evaluations of this initiative, comments from parents, mentors, teachers, and the children themselves have been filled with praise and enthusiasm.

Open your heart to a child and apply to be a mentor. We need you, and you will fall in love!

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